Here at The Potty Fish Shop , we breed most of our small animals ourselves , we buy our birds from a few small scale local breeders , we do not import animals at all.

We breed the following pets ourselves : 

Rabbits (mini lops and lionheadXminilops)

Guinea Pigs

Syrian Hamsters

All of our pets are carefully bred , and extremely well handled.We offer care sheets and advice on every pet that we sell . By breeding the pets ourselves , we can tell you their exact date of birth(our bunnies come with birth certs!)

We have pets available most of the time , please phone us or check our Facebook page for current availability.

We also offer a small animal boarding service for rabbits,guinea pigs,gerbils,hamsters,birds and turtles.Please contact us for availability and prices.All rabbits must be vaccinated up to date for Myxo/VHD1,and VHD2 to board with us.